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This is a collection of articles from January 2017 on thomasliddledba.com.

In-Memory OLTP - Part 1

Introduced in SQL Server 2014 and greatly enhanced with SQL Server 2016 is In-Memory OLTP. In-Memory OLTP is a memory optimized database engine intergraded with SQL Server. It's designed to improve performance of data workloads and transaction processing. This demo will walk you through how to set up a database to use In-Memory OLTP.

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SQL Server Products Reaching End of Support in 2017

Read about SQL Server Service Packs that are Reaching End of Life in 2017

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DROP IF EXISTS statement in SQL Server 2016

Educate yourself on how easy it is to DROP an objects in one statement

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CREATE OR ALTER statement in SQL Server 2016 SP1

Microsoft is taking steps to minimize the amount of code that has to be written to get a job done. With that said, they finally introduced with SP1 for SQL Server 2016 the CREATE OR ALTER statement. Previously, if you wanted to script out an object such as a stored procedure you had to check if it exists. This new statement eliminates that.

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Temporal Tables in SQL Server 2016 - More Control

In our previous post, when letting the system create temporal tables, it will create the table in the default filegroup that the table is in. But what if you want to manage the object placement of the temporal table, such as indexes.

This demo will educate you on how to create the teproal table and allow you to manage the placement of indexes associated with the temporal table.

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Temporal Tables in SQL Server 2016

Temporal Table is a new type of user defined table introduced in SQL Server 2016. Temporal table are tables except SQL Server automatically tracks the full history of the data changes into a separate history table.

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